NAB Superpay Closing

Posted by Colin on 20 July 2018

Are you using NAB SuperPay to process your superannuation in the SuperStream format? If so, we'd like to inform you that NAB will be decommissioning NAB SuperPay from 30 July 2018, and therefore from this date, you will have read-only access to this service.

To remain compliant with the ATO, you can move to another clearing house to submit your superannuation in a SuperStream format.

You can also pay your superannuation directly from your bank account on the day it's due. Plus, if you pay with AMEX, you get up to 50 days interest free, which can boost your cash flow!

Looking for other alternatives? Try Super Choice, ATO Small Business Clearing House (for 19 or less employees), or check with your company superfund to see if they also serve as a SuperStream clearing house. 

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How to use Flash fill in Excel to change text

Posted on 25 June 2018
You know the drill. Someone has typed lots of data but not kept to the input rules and you need to fix up some stuff.

Just look at what they have done everything in lower case AND you only needed the first three letters of the month!














Flash fill to the rescue! Just give it an example of your translation and select flash fill from the data menu with it selected. Sorted. Time for a coffee 








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